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Tesla enables self-driving mode for US users

With a new software version, can Tesladriversactivate the self-driving mode FSD. Before the release, however, there is a security check.

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla enables its software package for autonomous driving in principle for all US users. With the installation of the software version 2022.32.22, the activation of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta will be possible, US media reported, citing Tesla drivers. However, the function is only activated after a “security check”. In addition, the model is only available in the USA for the time being.

Tesla boss Elon Musk announced the release for all users last May. So far, the “full potential for autonomous driving” has only been accessible to a few testers. There were delays, among other things, because of Tesla’s decision not to use radar sensors,it comes which other manufacturers reject whento autonomous driving.

Screenshots posted by users on Twitter “limited early access to full self-driving beta”. It goes on to say:

“The Tesla team analyzes the driving data of your vehicle to determine your suitability.”

The safety score can be viewed at any time in the Tesla app. After the suitability has been confirmed, the vehicle receives another software update.

How Tesla calculates the safety

value safety value is calculated According to Tesla, on the basis of five factors. These include collision warnings every 1,000 miles, emergency braking, aggressive acceleration to the right or left, driving too close together and forced shutdown of the autopilot. According to Tesla, the formula for calculating the value was calculated on the basis of six billion kilometers driven by Tesla vehicles.

The users must agree to the evaluation of their vehicle data. They are also advised that in the activated self-driving mode they must constantly monitor the traffic situation and keep their hands on the steering wheel. “FSD Beta doesn’t make my car autonomous,” the note reads. In addition, access to the software can be revoked at any time.

Two weeks ago Tesla released version 10 of the FSD software. According to initial reports, the car should drive better in off-highway situations.

Criticism from consumer advocates

Despite the warning, advocates continue to, consumers view the function critically. The software lacks safety precautions, criticized the US consumer advocates in July 2022. They feared that Tesla drivers and other road users would be at risk if the software was used on public roads.

The experts watched videos on social media that had been recorded by drivers who tried out the system. These include situations in which the vehicles cut corners, touch bushes along the way, and head towards parked cars.” Consumers are simply paying as test engineers to develop technology without adequate protection,” said Jake Fisher, senior director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center.

“It’s not enough for Tesla to just ask people to be careful – the system needs to make sure they are vigilant when the system is up.”