Over the years Black Friday Zen – UK has become the trusted shopping partner of thousands of readers. We research and recommend unbiased information on products. Here is the team that does it all:

Hannah Davies – Founder

Working with a cloud service platform soon after graduating, Hannah Davies felt she was not being true to herself and her creative spirit. This is when she decided to nurture the idea she had had during her college days. She has since been able to work at relentlessly and has founded not just the company but a platform that the world had never before seen.

With her unbound enthusiasm and brilliant vision for the platform, she has also managed to get sustained funding to keep the company running. It is her personal attachment to the company that attracts not only the investors but even the users. She likes to interact personally with the Black Friday Zen – UK readers to understand and learn about their user experience.

She earned her Postgraduate degree from Dartmouth University at the young age of 23 and is only 27 years old today. This tells us how much more we can expect from her in the coming days and years.

Oliver Robinson – Writer

Oliver Robinson became one of the earliest members to join the team at He saw the potential and realized he needs to build a content team right from the ground and prepare it for a tech world that will keep getting more interesting and complex with each passing day.

His writing has always been the foundation on which all incoming writers add to keep improving and updating the style with which we write at

He says he has achieved very little for his age, which is only 25 years. He feels he wants to do a lot more and is dedicating the next 10 years of his life to the Black Friday Zen – UK platform whereby he expects his team to bring about a disruption every 3-4 years as due in the technology world of the day.