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Specter becomes the first electric Rolls-Royce

Hasat the with genteel calmness traffic looked turnaround. But now the first electric vehicle is to go into series production. 

The British luxury manufacturer Rolls-Royce will launch the first electric car from the fourth quarter of 2023, the company officially announced in a press release. The car, which was christened Specter to match the missing engine sound, comes as a classic coupé. More can only be guessed because the design is obviously not finished.

But it will by no means be an optical experiment: Long bonnet, probably a big Frunk, Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament, angular, deep headlights and a brawny silhouette are well-known trademarks of the British.

Goodwood is also still silent on technical details. Auto Motor Sport (AMS) reports that the BMW iX (test) is being used. The test vehicle has been on the road “for months” at the Munich research and development center. A range of around 500 kilometers and a battery capacity of around 100-kilowatt hours can therefore be expected.

A robot as charging butler

AMS also reports that Rolls-Royce is also researching its charging parallel to the Specter and is looking for elegant ways to supply the vehicle with electricity. There is talk of an autonomous robotic arm that is apparently supposed to lead the cable to the vehicle.

It was originally assumed that the first electric Rolls-Royce would be Silent Shadow christened. According to current knowledge, this is not the premier vehicle for the new drive, but another SUV that is to come a little later.

For Rolls-Royce, the drive change comes almost exactly as it is called because the trademark has always been quiet, low-vibration driving, for which an electric motor is naturally better suited than a combustion engine. So it comes as no surprise that the British will not build any more combustion engines from 2030 onwards.

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