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Porsche is planning the upcoming 718 series with electric drive

The next generation of the 718 series from Porsche will be electric. This means that models like Boxster and Cayman are saying goodbye to the combustion engine.

In a few years, Porsche is expanding its range of purely electrically powered vehicles. Car and Driver report that the 718 series, i.e. models like the Boxster and Cayman, will soon be rolling off the assembly line with electric motors. A similar picture emerges in an interview by Automobil Industrie Vogel with Porsche’s series manager Frank Walliser. In the spring the germinated rumor of the drive change first, now it is considered safe.

There are already a handful of nebulous details: According to Walliser, the range must be at least 400 kilometers and the car at the charging station must regain its strength as quickly as possible. Porsche is taking a similar path to BMW, who recently revealed that a range of 600 kilometers and good charging technology are actually sufficient.

This of course also allows you to pay attention to the weight: An electric Cayman should then weigh a maximum of 1,680 kilograms – more or less as much as the current combustion models in the series. The current curb weight of a Porsche 718 Cayman (982) is 1,365 kilograms, the same value can also be found in the vehicle registration document of a Boxster.

Porsche 911 stays with the combustion engine

As far as the traditional 911 series is concerned, Porsche also has a clear plan: The model will not be purely electric, at most hybrid models could come as long as the technology can be integrated with little extra weight and meaningful use. At the beginning of September, Porsche gave the first look at an electric Porsche from the 718 series. With the Mission R, the manufacturer showed what Porsche racing cars could look like in the future. It is conceivable that the technology will ultimately also make it into series models. We remember: at some point the Porsche Mission E also became the Taycan.

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