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New Echo Show with person recognition is hung up

Amazon is reinventing the Echo Show person recognition: The Echo Show 15 has a particularly large display and can recognize people.

Previous Echo Show devices were put up – not the Echo Show 15. It is a mixture of a tablet and the previous model. The Echo Show 15 has a 15.6-inch display with full HD resolution and should have the same range of functions as other Echo Show devices offer. The new model has a built-in 5-megapixel camera.

In contrast to the previous models, the newcomer can be used in both portrait and landscape formats. It can be hung on the wall or set up using a stand. However, such a stand is not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately.

In the new model, loudspeakers should ensure a good sound. Like the earlier Echo Show devices, the new one must be connected to the mains, so it is not intended as a mobile device. The Echo Show 15 is supposed to help organize everyday family life, but can also be used for entertainment.

Echo Show 15 recognizes people

The start screen has been redesigned especially for the Echo Show 15. There are now widgets to customize the view. It should be possible to store exactly the information you need on the start screen. New personalization functions should help with this.

The device recognizes the person in front of the device with the help of the built-in camera and shows the reminders and appointments of the recognized person. Depending on the recognized family member, different content should appear. According to Amazon, the data processing to identify the person only takes place in the local memory of the device. For this, the Echo Show has built in 15 Amazon’s next-generation AZ2 Neural Edge processor. This uses a scalable quad-core architecture.

Using person recognition, digital sticky notes can be shared with other family members. For example, the schoolchild could be left with a reminder by their parents to do the housework. The appropriate digital sticky notes should appear when the corresponding person is recognized by the device.

Smart home devices can be controlled via the Echo Show either by voice command with Alexa or on the display – as is known from other Echo Show devices. The new feature is a picture-in-picture function, for example to keep an eye on the picture from a surveillance camera and to do other things on the device at the same time.

No date for market launch of the Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 can be used to make video calls. There is no follow-up as with the current Echo Show 10 with the new launch. It also serves as a streaming device. Content from Prime Video, Netflix, Arte and ZDF can be played.

Amazon has not given any information about when the Echo Show 15 will hit the market. The price has already been fixed: The Echo Show 15 will be released for 250 euros. Interested parties will be notified as soon as the device can be ordered. When the Echo Show 15 comes on the market, matching accessories such as stands should be available.

Most of the software innovations of the Echo Show 15 will also appear later as an update for older Echo Show models. The person recognition will come as a function by means of an update for the Echo Show 10 and the Echo Show 8. There is no date for it.

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