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49 Best lego junior Black Friday Deals in 2022 [Discounts Upto 14%]

The Black Friday 2022 is not very far and if you’re planning to get a lego junior and if you’re not in a hurry, it’s totally worth waiting. Based on my research, you’d end up saving anywhere around 14 on all your purchases. So why pay extra when you can save huge by waiting for 1 month.

Back in time, the main problem was to find a Black Friday deal or one had to get into crowded marketplaces, but things have changed now and with eCommerce websites like Amazon booming, there are many live deals going on.

However, that’s not a problem, the main problem is — finding the right deal and not falling for the fake price discount trap (sellers increase the listing price during the sale just to make a customer feel that they’re getting huge discounts.)

1. Juniors LEGO 10771 4+ Toy Story 4 Carnival Thrill Coaster with Buzz Lightyear and Alien Minifigures -Toys & Games

by Juniors
  • Youngsters will love to replay exciting toy story movie scenes or make up their own stories
  • Featrues a digital building extension via LEGO Life
  • Features a roller coaster track with a large entrance arch, flags, camera, spinning turnstile, six purple track sections and a starter brick baseplate
  • This exciting set also includes three coaster cars and an ice cream wagon with balloon
  • Includes 2 toy story character minifigures: Buzz Lightyear and Alien

2. LEGO 10751 Juniors Mountain Police Chase (Discontinued by Manufacturer) -Toys & Games

  • Number of pieces: 115
  • Features a police station with Starter Brick baseplate, desk, opening safe with space for money bills inside, a ladder to the lookout with spyglass on the roof, and a jail cell with opening door
  • Mountain Police Chase
  • Includes 2 figures: a police officer and a crook
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 4-7

3. LEGO UK 10730 “CONF Juniors 2017 1” Construction Toy -Toys & Games

  • 2017 The LEGO Group
  • LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, DUPLO, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, NINJAGO, BIONICLE, MINDSTORMS and MIXELS are trademarks and copyrights of the LEGO Group.
  • All rights reserved.
  • Enjoy imaginative play with this inspirational LEGO set.

4. LEGO Juniors Ninjago 10755 Zane’s Ninja Boat Pursuit -Toys & Games

  • The boat floats! Spin the snakes and knives to slow down Chopper Maroon’s bike
  • Boat with golden staffs measures over 1” (4cm) high, 7” (20cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide
  • All LEGO Juniors sets are fully compatible with all other LEGO sets.
  • Temple measures over 3” (9cm) high, 7” (19cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep
  • Features a temple with ramps, a dock, spinning knives and snake obstacles, treasure map with stand and decorative staffs above the archway that double as secret weapons
  • Connect the hook to the motorbike to stop Chopper Maroon from getting away with the map
  • Includes Zane and Chopper Maroon minifigures
  • Ages 4-7.
  • Also includes a motorbike and a boat with turning wheel, chain with hook, ice bolts and golden staff elements that double as secret weapons.
  • Includes Easy to Build models with bigger starter pieces and Starter Brick bases, plus a simple guide to get children building and playing quickly
  • Motorbike measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (8cm) long and under 1” (2cm) wide.
  • Place the map on the steering wheel of the boat to help lead you to the mask
  • Weapons include Zane’s golden katanas and Chopper Maroon’s red katana.
  • Contains 131 pieces
  • Includes 2 ‘floating’ firebombs and a treasure map element

5. Juniors LEGO 10767 4+ Toy Story 4 Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show with Woody Minifigure -Toys & Games

by Juniors
  • Includes 2 minifigures: Woody and Duke Caboom
  • This cool set features a striped ramp with a gap for cars and an adjustable ring of fire
  • Accessory elements include four fire elements, cape and an extra wig, plus three buildable, stackable cans
  • Help your child move the ring of fire into different positions and more challenging stunt jumps
  • Youngsters will enjoy replaying exciting toy story movie scenes or making up their own stories

6. LEGO UK 10749 “Mica’s Organic Food Market” Building Block -Toys & Games

  • 2017 The LEGO Group
  • All rights reserved.
  • Enjoy imaginative play with this inspirational LEGO set.
  • LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Mini-figure, DUPLO, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, NINJAGO, BIONICLE, MINDSTORMS and MIXELS are of the LEGO Group.

7. LEGO 10737 “Batman vs Mr Freeze” Building Set -Toys & Games

  • Drive to all the horse events in Heartlake with Aunt Sophie and her special horse vet trailer, and be on the ball to help injured ponies right away
  • Includes 2 minifigures: a pilot and an airport worker.
  • Then cover him with a blanket and hop in the car to tow the trailer.

9. LEGO 60220 City Great Vehicles Garbage Truck Toy with 2 Minifigures and Accessories, Vehicle Toys for Kids -Toys & Games

  • LEGO City Garbage Truck set with simple building steps gives your child a great start to LEGO building and help grow their confidence.
  • Includes a Starter Brick base thathelps even first-time builders discover the pride of construction on theirown.
  • LEGO 4+ introduces your child to an unlimited world of their everyday heroes and makes an excellent gift.
  • Accessory elements include a garbage can, shovel, broom, banana, fish, small branch and 7 LEGO brick elements.
  • Features an easy-to-build garbage truck toy with an opening 2-minifigure cab and tilting container .

10. LEGO 76180 DC Batman vs. The Joker: Batmobile Chase & Hot Rod, Superhero Toy Cars Set for Kids Age 4 + Years Old -Toys & Games

  • Specially designed with a Starter Brick chassis and simple building steps so toddlers can learn to build and develop confidence as they go
  • The free LEGO Building Instructions app includes digital Instructions PLUS to zoom, rotate and visualize the toy car play set as the build goes
  • The LEGO DC Batman toy cars set for kids age 4 + features a Batmobile toy car, a wacky Hot Rod, bank vault and a host of authentic extras
  • Separate bags include a playable element and character in each bag so youngsters can enjoy their Batman construction toy one step at a time
  • Includes Batman, Batgirl and The Joker minifigures; kids can fire the Batmobile’s weapons, throw the Batarang and shoot a grappling launcher

11. LEGO 60206 4+ City Police Sky Police Jet Patrol Aeroplane Toy, Easy to Build Air Transport Toys for Kids -Toys & Games

  • Also includes an opening mini safe box with room for loot
  • Includes 2 LEGO City minifigures : a Sky Police pilot and a crook
  • Accessory elements include 2 gem elements, a crowbar and a set of handcuffs
  • LEGO City sets can be built together with all other LEGO building toys and LEGO bricks for creative building
  • Features a Sky Police toy jet with opening cockpit, searchlight, plus a brick base to get your child building and playing quickly

12. LEGO 60261 City 4+ Central Airport Playset with Toy Plane, Fuel Truck & Pilot Figure -Toys & Games

by City Airport
  • Kids aged 4+ can zoom, rotate and visualize as they build with Instructions PLUS – part of the LEGO Building Instructions app for mobiles
  • Kids can enjoy inspiring air-travel adventures as they relive or imagine a holiday trip with family and friends to any destination worldwide
  • Awesome little kid’s playset with a charter plane, terminal building, fuel tanker, baggage truck, and 6 minifigures for summer holiday fun!
  • Includes a pilot, 2 ground crew and 3 passenger minifigures with awesome accessories: a boarding pass, camera, cup, hot dog and luggage
  • The specially designed Starter Brick, big opening roof, cockpit and wing bricks make it an easy “learn to build” experience for youngsters

13. LEGO 76137 4+ DC Batman Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery Batmobile Toy Car for Kids 4 Years Old -Toys & Games

  • Weapons include Batman’s Batarang and the Riddler’s dynamite
  • Accessories includes The Riddler’s buildable skateboard and crowbar element
  • Buildable ATM cash machine features an attachment point for the Riddler’s dynamite element
  • This LEGO DC Batman playset includes two minifigures: Batman and the Riddler.
  • The Batmobile features a starter brick chassis, minifigure cockpit, two batwings and a flame exhaust plus two attachments for Batman’s Batarang

14. LEGO 60256 City Nitro Wheels Racing Cars Toy with 2 Race Drivers Minifigures, Rally Vehicles for Kids 5+ Year Old -Toys & Games

by City Turbo Wheels
  • Includes 2 racing driver minifigures with racing helmets, 2 traffic cones and foot-to-the-floor, pedal-to-the-metal action!
  • Perfect for kids who love race car toys, your little racing driver will enjoy endless high-speed action to establish which engine is better
  • The racing cars set comes with a simple building guide that will help your budding LEGO builder master their building skills
  • The red-and-white car has a superfast, petrol-powered engine, and the yellow-and-blue car has a super-silent, super-powerful electric one
  • Features pretend toy electric and petrol-driven racing cars with removable hood scoop and 2 mini orange traffic cones to mark a finish line

15. LEGO 31058 Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Toy, 3 in 1 Model, Triceratops and Pterodactyl Dinosaur Figures, Modular Building System -Toys & Games

  • Features a 3-in-1 T. rex Dinosaur Toy with bright orange eyes, posable joints and head, large claws and an opening mouth with pointed teeth
  • LEGO Creator 3in1 building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Also includes the dinosaur’s prey in the form of a buildable rib cage
  • Pose the T. rex’s arms, legs, tail and head, and open its mouth to reveal ferocious teeth.
  • This LEGO Creator 3-in-1 model rebuilds into a Triceratops and Pterodactyl Dinosaur action figures

16. LEGO 41165 Disney Frozen II Anna’s Canoe Expedition with Princess Anna and Olaf Mini dolls, Plus Bunny Rabbit Figure, Easy Build Preschool Toy for 4-7 Years Old with Bricks Base Plate -Toys & Games

  • Use the LEGO Life app to access the intuitive building instructions with easy-to-use zoom, rotate and ghost-mode to visualize their creations
  • Combine with the 41166 Elsa’s Wagon Adventure set for even more 4+ LEGO Disney Frozen II magic and to help your child develop fine motor skills
  • LEGO 4+ sets are specially designed to be fun and easy for youngsters and help to grow their confidence with simple building steps
  • Features an ice canoe with lamp and river scene with ice slide, seesaw, movable foliage and rocks with a sleeping earth giant image
  • This building set for beginners includes a special Starter Brick base and 2 mini doll figures: Anna and Olaf, plus a LEGO bunny figure

17. LEGO 41444 Friends Heartlake City Organic Café Toy with Mini Dolls & Accessories, Toys for Kids 6 + Years Old, Eco Education Set, Stocking Filler Idea -Toys & Games

  • Kids can pretend to grow fruit and veg, bake bread, make sandwiches, serve customers, sort recycling and deliver drinks on the juice bike
  • LEGO Friends playsets make a wonderful kids’ birthday present, Christmas gift or stocking filler for foodie boys and girls who care about the planet
  • Features a toy café with a kitchen, garden and a juice delivery bike for boys and girls who want to build a better planet, brick by brick
  • Introduce youngsters to Heartlake City, where they meet characters who care as much for the planet we live on as they do about their friends
  • It comes with accessories: an oven, blender, coffee machine, sandwich display shelf & lots of food elements to make the café play come to life
  • This toy for kids 6+ years old includes 3 LEGO mini dolls: Mia, a grandpa Marcel and granddaughter Ava micro doll for extended real family play

18. LEGO 60226 City Mars Research Shuttle Spaceship Construction Toys for Kids inspired by NASA with Rover and Drone -Toys & Games

  • This LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle 60226 spaceship toy set makes a great gift and can be built together with all other original LEGO toys
  • Storage drone features an opening compartment, and helidrone a spinning rotor blade and scanner to read a secret symbol discovered on Mars!
  • Accessory elements include a helmet, Extra Vehicular Activity suit with a visor, scanner and 2 new-for-June-2019 geodes with blue crystals.
  • This building set features a space research shuttle with opening cockpit, 2 large opening doors and space inside for a storage drone.
  • Includes 2 astronaut minifigures to drive the Mars rover with new-for-June-2019 articulated grappling arm, laser and tilting solar panels.

19. LEGO 71703 NINJAGO Legacy 4+ Storm Fighter Battle Toy Jet Set, Masters of Spinjitzu Toys for Kids -Toys & Games

  • The ninja jet has folding wings and opening cockpit and the toy car has shooters – Ninja fans will love firing missiles from Lasha’s vehicle
  • Learn to build with 4+ LEGO sets! It has Starter Brick bases to help little ninjas learn to build and create their own NINJAGO adventures
  • Features a toy car, toy jet and a temple with attached jail, from early seasons of the TV series of exciting ninja adventures against Lasha
  • Includes Kai, Jay and Venomari Lasha LEGO NINJAGO minifigures, multiple different weapons, and is an easy build for high-flying adventures
  • LEGO 4+ building sets for preschool kids help develop building skills while developing hand dexterity, and emotional and social expertise

20. LEGO 41374 Friends Andrea’s Pool Party Set with Andrea and Stephanie Mini-Dolls, DJ Box, Aquarium and Fish -Toys & Games

  • The LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool party 41374 construction set can be built together with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks
  • Features a slide, sprung springboard, bubble pool, shower area with lockers, toilet and an aquarium.
  • Accessory elements include a fruit bowl, blender, banana, carrot, glasses with cherries, records, bow tie, hair brush, fins and a fish.
  • This building set includes 2 Mini-doll figures: LEGO Friends Andrea and Stephanie, with surfboards and guns with shooting action plus more

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21. LEGO 10764 4+ City Central Airport (Discontinued by Manufacturer) -Toys & Games

  • City Central Airport
  • Number of pieces: 376
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 4-7
  • Also includes 2 airplanes with Starter Brick bases: a cargo plane with spinning propellers and cargo hold, and a passenger plane with staircase, plus a fuel truck with Starter Brick base and a baggage cart with 2 detachable trailers
  • Features an airport terminal with Starter Brick baseplate and wall element, opening door, control tower, radar dish, wind sock and working luggage conveyor belt, floodlight with tool areas, and 4 buildable landing strips

22. LEGO 60241 City  4+ Police Dog Unit with Car and Dog Figure for 4+ Years Old -Toys & Games

  • Comes with special Starter Bricks and simple printed building guides that help kids grow their confidence and abilities step by step.
  • Digital Instructions PLUS guide via the free LEGO Life app for smart devices helps kids to zoom, rotate and visualise the model as they build.
  • Features a cool toy police car with room for the police officer and his faithful police dog and, plus a jewellery shop setting with 2 gems.
  • The set for kids 4+ accessories include thief’s sack for stashing haul, a crowbar, handcuffs, and 2 gems, for a lot of crook-catching fun .
  • Includes 2 minifigures: a police officer and a villain, plus a cute police dog figure to assist with arresting the thief before he gets away.

23. LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Box Construction Set, Toy Storage with Windows, Doors and Green Baseplate, Building Toys Xmas Gift for Kids -Playsets

  • Comes in a useful plastic LEGO storage box; all models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • Build the shark with crab and treasure, and then rebuild to create aflexible Squid or a giant-mouthed Angler Fish.
  • Building bricks with kids’ toy storage box makes a great birthday or Christmas gift toy for kids 4+ years old and older alike
  • A large number of windows and doors facilitates this classic LEGO construction – it is designed to inspire creativity with building bricks
  • This building toy set includes a wide range of LEGO bricks in 33 different colours, 8 different types of windows and doors with 8 different frames
  • LEGO Classic building bricks with toy storage box are a wonderful birthday present or Christmas gift idea for boys and girls age 4 +
  • Building toy ideas are included with the set, and more is available online at to help kids get started

24. LEGO 41251 Trolls World Tour Poppy’s Pod Playhouse Playset, Portable Travel Toy For Preschool Kids -Toys & Games

  • Combine Poppy’s Pod with the LEGO Trolls World Tour Pop Village Celebration (41255) set where Poppy’s Pod can be placed on top of the large tree
  • Includes Poppy minifigure and Trolls-inspired accessories:  map, hairbrush, lollypop, scissors, book, mandoline, hairpieces and cupcakes!
  • Kids can style Poppy’s hair with hearts and flowers, then look for the treasure map or swing her on the big felt flower by her hair!
  • Features 3 play scenes: a portable travel toy pod with furniture, a felt flower a waterfall
  • Poppy’s treetop pod home folds and closes into a portable travel toy, with her bedroom and a vanity unit with hair accessories inside

25. LEGO 31099 Creator 3in1 Propeller Plane Jet – Helicopter – Aeroplane Playset, Toys for Kids 7+ Years Old -Toys & Games

by Lego Creator
  • Build and rebuild 3 models: the Propeller Plane, and then rebuild for more aerial action with a powerful Helicopter or a fast Jet Plane
  • Models feature a blue-grey-orange and black colour scheme, the sturdy helicopter with a landing pad has a rotor that turns around
  • The plane features a black cockpit, adjustable wingtips, large spinnable propeller and 4 visible engines plus turning wheels to take off
  • Kids can spin the propeller, adjust the wingtips, taxi down the runway and take off! And  there is more fun awaiting: a jet or a helicopter
  • With LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets and instructions you get three different build and play experiences for plenty of aviator action

26. LEGO 60264 City Oceans Exploration Submarine Deep Sea Underwater Set, Diving Adventure Toy for Kids -Toys & Games

  • Use Instructions PLUS, available as part of the free LEGO Building Instructions app for smart devices, to zoom, rotate and visualise
  • Comes with 4 minifigures, including 2 divers & Jessica Sharpe from the LEGO City Adventures TV series, a glowing anglerfish and a crab figure
  • The submarine’s inspection arms can lift objects like sunken treasure, as the anglerfish suddenly comes out of the cave, scaring the divers
  • Check out other LEGO City Oceans sets: Ocean Exploration Ship 60266, Ocean Exploration Base 60265, and Ocean Mini-Submarine 60263
  • Features a submarine with built-in SUV drone to explore the seabed, a coral-covered cave and a glowing anglerfish with motion function

28. LEGO 41439 Friends Cat Grooming Car, Animal Playset with Kittens, Toy for Kids 4 + Years Old, Birthday Idea -Toys & Games

  • This animal toy set for kids includes a Starter Brick to get the building going, so there’s more time to play and build confidence
  • This cat toy for kids includes a kitty-styled car toy, a cat beauty salon, LEGO Friends Emma and Mia mini dolls, plus a cat & kitten figures
  • This set is packed with cute accessories, including a cat biscuit, a kitten feeding bottle, hairpiece, scissors, hairbrush and a banknote
  • This toy for boys and girls 4+ years old rewards hard work as a birthday or Christmas toy gift that will entertain for hours
  • Kids 4+ will have fun imagining collecting cats in the car toy and giving them a makeover at the grooming parlour for pussycats
  • Apart from a printed guide, kids can zoom, rotate and visualize the set as they build using Digital Instructions PLUS via the LEGO Life app

29. LEGO 41424 Friends Jungle Rescue Base Set with Treehouse Animals Vet Clinic -Toys & Games

by Lego Friends
  • Accessories include 2 walkie-talkies, a syringe, feeding bottle, stethoscope, X-ray machine, computer, telescope, solar panels, pizza & mugs
  • Features at least 4 scenes: a treehouse watchtower and clinic connected by a rope bridge, a jungle hut with picnic area, and a campfire tree
  • Use digital Instructions PLUS via the LEGO Building Instructions app to visualise. For extra fun join with Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue 41421
  • Includes 3 buildable mini-dolls: Andrea, Mia & Olivia, a baby elephant with its mum, 2 sloth figures, a turtle, drone and rescue quad bike
  • This versatile set has everything for young animal rescuers, vets and scientists, with exciting equipment to try and areas to hang out in

30. LEGO 75297 Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Starfighter Toy for Toddlers 4 + Years Old with Poe Dameron Minifigure and BB-8 Droid -Toys & Games

  • This Resistance X-wing construction toy for kids 4+ years old features a Starter Brick chassis for a quick build to get the action started
  • It comes with simple printed instructions and Instructions PLUS in the free LEGO Building Instructions app with zoom and rotate tools
  • This is an ideal construction model for young children to attempt to build on their own or with the assistance of an older sibling or adult
  • The X-wing has an opening cockpit for Poe Dameron, space for BB-8 and wings that fold out for flight mode
  • The buildable starfighter toy comes with a Poe Dameron LEGO minifigure with a blaster pistol, plus a BB-8 droid figure for role-play fun

31. LEGO 10696 Classic Medium Creative Brick Box, Easy Kids Toy Storage, Building Set for 4 Years Old with Wheels & Windows -Toys & Games

  • LEGO Classic building bricks are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • This building toy for kids 4+ years old comes in a useful plastic LEGO storage box to keep kids’ bedrooms tidy!
  • LEGO Classic building bricks with kids’ toy storage box are a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift idea for boys and girls age 4 +
  • As kids build, play and rebuild again, this creative toy unleashes creative potential and delivers educational benefits that last a lifetime
  • Kids can build their own vehicles and much more with this classic collection of LEGO building bricks in 35 different colours
  • It contains 484 pieces, including windows, eyes, 18 tires and wheel rims, a green baseplate and more to add to the fun
  • Building ideas are included with this toy set for boys and girls – more to be found online at to help them get started

32. LEGO 60263 City Oceans Mini-Submarine Deep Sea Underwater Set, Diving Adventures Toys for Kids Age 4 and up -Toys & Games

  • Kids aged 4+ can zoom, rotate and visualise as they build with Instructions PLUS – part of the LEGO Building Instructions app for mobiles
  • Check out other LEGO City Oceans sets: Ocean Exploration Base 60265, Ocean Exploration Submarine 60264, and Ocean Exploration Ship 60266
  • Let kids learn to build with 4+ sets that include a special Starter Brick and big bricks that are easy for small hands of young builders
  • Includes a LEGO pilot minifigure and a grey hammerhead shark figure with opening jaws, that circles the coral and treasure chest with gems
  • Features an exploration toy submarine with bubble cockpit & working arms, and a seabed setting with a pirate treasure chest and gem elements

33. LEGO 31090 Creator Underwater Robot, Crane and Submarine, 3 in 1 Seaside Adventures Building Set with Manta Ray Fish, Toys for Kids 7 Years Old and Older -Toys & Games

  • The Underwater Robot features highly flexible joints, viewing dome with red robot eye, mechanical-style hands with drill, claw and grabber, ballast tanks and large robot feet for traversing the seabed.
  • Open the Robot’s helmet and remove the robot eye to reveal a control console and move the Robot’s head, arms and legs to create cool action poses!
  • The Underwater Robot comes with a cool yellow, grey, black and red colour scheme.
  • Build the Underwater Robot and manta ray, then rebuild to create a toySubmarine with a manipulator arm, or an Underwater Crane treasure huntcenter.
  • Enjoy 3 building opportunities with this LEGO Creator 3in1 set!

34. LEGO 41396 Friends Puppy Playground Playset with Mia, 2 Dog Figures, Slide and Merry Go Round for Preschool Kids -Toys & Games

by Lego Friends
  • With intuitive Instructions PLUS from the LEGO Life app even younger builders can zoom, rotate and visualise this model as they create
  • Includes Mia minidoll figure with her dogs Cookie and Coco in Heartlake City Park – let kids join Mia for fun and games with her puppies!
  • LEGO bricks have met the highest quality standards, which ensures they connect perfectly for strong structures and pull apart easily
  • Accessories include Mia’s sunglasses, skateboard, hairbrush, bowl, dog biscuit, 2 bones and 2 bows and a biscuit for the dog figures!
  • Features a puppy slide with a Starter Brick to make building easier for little ones, plus a spinning merry go round for dog figures

35. LEGO 75942 Jurassic World 4+ Velociraptor: Biplane Rescue Mission Dino Toys for Preschool Kids -Toys & Games

by Jurassic World
  • Includes 2 LEGO minifigures: Owen Grady and Sinjin Prescott, plus accessory elements such as a treasure map, dinosaur egg and 2 diamonds
  • The easy-to-build toy plane features a minifigure cockpit and a chain element for rescue missions to lift up Sinjin from his off-roader!
  • The plane toy has a Starter Brick chassis to make building easier and illustrated instructions so kids aged 4+ can build with confidence
  • Includes a Velociraptor figure with posable legs and jaws, and a dino tree nest for Delta, the Velociraptor’s baby dinosaur toy figure
  • Playset for preschool kids, featuring a bi- plane toy, off-roader, 2 dinosaur raptor toys, treetop observation outpost and accessories

36. Juniors LEGO 10768 4+ Toy Story 4 Buzz and Bo Peep’s Playground Adventure with Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep and Gabby Gabby Minifigures -Toys & Games

by Juniors
  • Includes Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep and Gabby Gabby toy story minifigures
  • Help your child replay exciting toy story movie scenes or make up their own stories
  • Accessory elements include Bo Peep’s shepherd crook, frying pan and an egg
  • Build a fun playground set with 2-level playhouse, bubble window room, merry-go-round, skunk-mobile and a starter brick base
  • This fun set also features the sustainable LEGO plant-based plastic trees

37. LEGO 10772 Disney Mickey Mouse Propeller Plane Set, Airplane Toy for Toddlers 4 Years Old with Pilot Figure -Toys & Games

  • Features a toy plane, 2 small builds plus a Mickey Mouse the pilot figure and an exclusive Mickey Mouse silhouette tile
  • Also including a small flag build to boost roleplay possibilities, this set is great for open-ended play and building skills growth
  • This airplane toy for toddlers is full of fun details and accessories, including a maintenance tool rack with a wrench and spray bottle elements
  • Surprise a child with a creative present that teaches building skills, encourages imagination and entertains for hours
  • The Mickey Mouse buildable toy plane for 4+ years old has a Starter Brick chassis, to help get the building going so there’s more time for fun

38. LEGO The Movie 2 70821 Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix’ Workshop! -Toys & Games

  • Also includes a gas station and tool trolley with 9 tool elements
  • Benny’s Spaceship features a minifigure cockpit, foldout boosters and a removable space buggy with minifigure cockpit
  • Gas station measures over 2” (6cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep.
  • Benny’s Spaceship toy measures over 1” (5cm) high, 6” (16cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide
  • This building toy makes an ideal gift for preschoolers and youngsters.
  • Includes 2 THE LEGO MOVIE 2 characters: Emmet and Benny minifigures.
  • Emmet’s Escape Buggy features a minifigure seat and flame exhaust element.
  • Accessory elements include Benny’s helmet and air tank
  • Recreate fun-packed scenes from THE LEGO MOVIE 2.
  • Emmet and Benny minifigures are new for January 2019
  • Emmet’s Escape Buggy toy car measures over 1” (4cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide
  • LEGO 4+ toy building sets are specially designed to be fun and easy for youngsters and help to grow their confidence with simple building steps for the perfect start to LEGO brick building
  • LEGO 4+ creative toys introduce your child to a wide universe of their movie favorites, TV characters and everyday heroes
  • LEGO 4+ building sets were previously branded as LEGO Juniors and are compatible with all LEGO construction toys for creative building

39. LEGO 10692 Classic Creative Bricks for Kids Colourful Building Toy Set for Kids Age 4+ with Storage Box -Toys & Games

  • The pictured classic LEGO set models can be built from this set simultaneously for all the family to enjoy together
  • LEGO Classic sets are designed to inspire creativity with LEGO bricks and are an ideal birthday or Christmas gift idea for kids aged 4+
  • Features LEGO building bricks in 29 different colours with 2 different sets of eyes, windows, 2 types of door, wheels, axles and propellers
  • The building possibilities are endless with this building toy for kids age 4+ – check on online at to help your kid get started
  • This LEGO Classic building set includes a brick separator and comes in a sturdy LEGO storage box to make tidying up easy before bedtime!

40. LEGO 60214 City Burger Bar Fire Rescue Set with Truck and Motorbike Toy Vehicles, Firefighter Minifigure and Accessories, Toys for Kids 5+ Years Old -Toys & Games

  • This Burger Bar Fire Rescue set for kids 5+ years old features a burger bar, a fire engine toy, and a motorbike with room for a fire extinguisher
  • The fire engine toy comes with a minifigure cab, 2 storage compartments, a rotating back end and a directional pump with a ‘water jet’ function
  • Squeeze the bellows on the water pump to launch the water elements and knock down the flames!
  • This action-packed LEGO City set with fire engine toy for kids 5+ years old makes an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for preschoolers
  • Accessories include 2 helmets with opening visors, oxygen tank, motorbike helmet, small fire extinguisher and 5 buildable fire elements
  • The bar has a sign, sliding service window, trash can and toppling fire elements that can be knocked down by a ‘‘water jet’ function

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41. Juniors LEGO 10766 4+ Toy Story 4 Woody & RC Set with Minifigure -Toys & Games

by Juniors
  • Accessory elements include remote control element for RC character, six colourful, buildable display bricks and three buildable cones
  • This toy story set can be built together with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative building
  • Features an easy-to-build RC toy car with big back fin, front fender with eyes and remote antenna
  • Build a speedy RC car character with a starter brick base to get your child building and playing in a fun toy story universe
  • Includes a Woody minifigure, plus 3 green army men elements

42. Super Heroes LEGO 76149 Marvel Spider-Man The Menace of Mysterio Helicopter Toy for Preschool Kids -Toys & Games

by Super Heroes
  • Product description will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

43. LEGO 43188 Disney Princess Aurora’s Forest Cottage Sleeping Beauty Playset with Maleficent Minifigure and Animal Figures -Stacking Blocks

  • Features a 2-storey cottage full of details, and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty characters: Aurora and Maleficent mini-dolls and Diablo the Raven
  • Includes fun animal LEGO figures – fawn, bunny, squirrel and a bluebird to play out unlimited Disney Princess stories
  • The cottage features a rotating water mill, 2 rooms, a kitchen with opening door, fireplace with stove, table, food, and a bedroom upstairs
  • When the water mill turns, it sparks magic in the fireplace, while the small buildable bridge makes the fantasy game even more animated
  • Kids get to visit with all of Aurora’s cute animal friends, and help Aurora to be creative with the supplies in her cottage or have some tea

44. LEGO 10731 Juniors Disney Cars Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator -Toys & Games

  • Includes a Cruz Ramirez character from Disney Pixar Cars 3
  • Drive Cruz Ramirez onto the rotating simulator platform to practice her racing skills
  • Features an Easy to Build Race Simulator with rotating screen and wind turbine, rotating platform and lowering ramp
  • Spin the wind turbine to help her simulate different speeds
  • Turn the screen so Cruz can see the details as she races

45. LEGO 41442 Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy Quad Bike Toy for Kids 6+ Years Old, with Stephanie and Andrea Minidolls -Toys & Games

  • Features a cute buildable countryside picnic scene, quad bike toy, and a hinged tree to ‘trap’ the dog, initiating the rescue mission
  • The Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy is compatible with the Vet Clinic Ambulance (41445) and Heartlake City Vet Clinic (41446) for animal-loving kids
  • Kids can race to the aid of an animal in trouble, freeing it from a fallen tree with an all-action quad bike, then play and picnic together
  • This animal rescue toy includes 2 LEGO Friends Stephanie and Andrea minidolls, and a new-for-January-2021 puppy figure to play with
  • Accessories include a feeding bottle and bone for the dog, walkie-talkie, chain to lift the tree, picnic-cloth tile, sandwich and a mug

46. LEGO 60212 Children’s Toy Multi-Coloured -Toys & Games

  • Build a sturdy fire truck toy and get your child building and playing in the exciting LEGO City universe
  • Includes 2 LEGO City minifigures : a firefighter and a park visitor, plus a tree and babecue grill
  • LEGO City sets can be built together with all other original LEGO building toy sets and LEGO bricks for creative building
  • Accessory elements include a hot dog, fire hose, water elements and a fire axe, plus 2 buildable flames
  • Features an easy-to-build fire truck with tool storage space, extending bucket and a Starter Brick base

47. Lego Movie 2 Batman Junior Backpack for Kids 3D School Bag Superhero Rucksack -Stacking Blocks

  • What is more is that our backpack also features prints of your kids’ favourite superhero all over the bag’s sides and shoulder straps
  • UNIQUE 3D DESIGN: If your little ones are fans of Lego Movie 2, make them happy with our Lego Batman backpack for kids
  • DIMENSIONS: 33 cm (Length), 27 cm (Width), 10 cm (Depth)
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Our Lego Movie 2 Batman bag are officially licensed, so don’t worry, when you’re buying from us, you’re buying a quality product, as our main priority has and will always be our customers’ happiness, providing you with an appealing and durable product
  • PLENTY OF STORAGE SPACE: This Lego Batman Movie backpack has plenty of space for all your little one’s toys and books
  • Differently from other school bags, our Lego Superhero rucksack features a 3D high quality digital print of the favourite superhero of all times, Batman
  • It features a main zip compartment, a handle and padded adjustable shoulder straps for the ultimate comfort, making it suitable for all heights

48. LEGO 76939 Jurassic World Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape Toy, Starter Set for Preschool Kids Age 4+ with Figures and Tree House -Toys & Games

  • Check out Instructions PLUS, available in the free LEGO Building Instructions app, which features zoom and rotate viewing tools
  • The buildable toy treehouse/observation post has a bed, sink, toilet, ladder and a slide for baby dinosaur Bumpy
  • Packed with fun accessory elements including a tranquillizer gun, carrot, shovel and a dinosaur poo for more fun
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Ben, Brooklynn and Claire Dearing, plus a Stygimoloch and Bumpy the baby Ankylosaurus dinosaur toy figures
  • The easy-to-build off-roader has a Starter Brick chassis and a removable cage for the Stygimoloch dinosaur toy
  • This LEGO Jurassic World dinosaur toy for boys and girls age 4+ features 2 dinosaur figures, an all-terrain off-roader vehicle and a treehouse
  • An ideal LEGO starter set for 4+ year olds who are still learning to read – they can build on their own using the simple, illustrated instructions

49. LEGO UK 10762 “Belle’s Story Time” Building Block -Toys & Games

  • 2017 The LEGO Group
  • LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Mini-figure, DUPLO, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, NINJAGO, BIONICLE, MINDSTORMS and MIXELS are of the LEGO Group.
  • All rights reserved.
  • Enjoy imaginative play with this inspirational LEGO set.

Besides listing down all the deals, I’ve also have tried to include the deals from Lego Friends, LEGO, Super Heroes, LEGO UK that way, you’ll be able to get the lego junior from your preferred brand.

How to Get the Best lego junior deal during this Black Friday?

1. Don’t fall for the seller-price trap

Many sellers know that Black Friday gets a boost in sales, that’s why they increase the listing price of the product and then offer a discount on it. For instance, if a lego junior costs 25, then they’d increase the listing price and offer a discount on it. This act of theirs will make us (customers) feel that they’re offering a discount, but in reality, there’s not much we’re getting.

2. Buy from Reputed eCommerce Platforms (i.e. Amazon)

If you’ve checked the above listings, I’ve only included the current lego junior Black Friday deals going on Amazon. It’s because I trust them. On the other hand, a lot of fake sellers launch dropshipping stores, sell fake products, and run away without delivering the product. That’s why I always recommend using a reputed platform.

3. Check Historical Prices

Like said above, the “seller-price” trap is quite high during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. What you can do is, install some historical price tracking Chrome extensions and be sure that the price at which they’re selling you the lego junior is lower or equal to the historical prices.

4. Buy what you need, don’t buy just because it’s cheaper

One thing I’ve realized after being an avid online shopper is, deals make you buy things you don’t need. I ended up buying $7,700 worth items last year during Black Friday and I’m hardly using the products worth $1,400. So if you look at the complete picture, I could’ve made $6,300 in assets like stocks, bonds, and would’ve gotten around 16-21% appreciation in the value.


Where can I get the best Black Friday deal on lego junior in 2022?

I’ve listed out around 49 deals available on Amazon. The reason why I recommend Amazon to everyone is because I find it trustworthy and reliable.

Can I get the same deal after Black Friday?

The deals are subject to sellers and their pricing. If the lego junior they’re selling gets a newer variant, then the deal price may become permanent even after Black Friday.

How do I check if the seller hasn’t increased the price during the Black Friday week?

Well, there are many Chrome extensions and websites that allow you to track the historical prices of the products on Amazon. You can use such websites to find out if the seller has manipulated or increased the prices during the sale period.

How much would a lego junior cost during Black Friday?

This is a question a lot of people have before making purchases in months of October and November (first week), I believe that the avg price if a lego junior is around 25 and the current discounts on Black Friday is around 9%, so depending on the seller you can get similar discounts.


I’ve tried my best to put in the best lego junior deals during this Black Friday, I hope you like my recommendations. I’ll keep updating this page and you’ll find similar deals in the coming Black Friday 2022, so just bookmark it or save the link.

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