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Google’s personal safety app can be triggered quickly

In the future, Google’s personal safety app will be able to call for help in an emergency and record a video when users press the power button on their pixel five times.

Google has released a new version of its Personal Safety application. The app is only available to users of a Pixel smartphone and allows them to call for help in an emergency. According to XDA Developers, the new version of the app has a quick-release function with which help can be called inconspicuously.

All users have to do is press the power button on their Pixel smartphone five times in quick succession. An emergency protocol is then activated, the content of which can be specified in advance.

Users can set which emergency number can be called – in Germany for example 110 or 112. In addition, it can be activated that an alarm is played; However, users can leave this as it is in order not to attract attention.

Numerous options are available in an emergency

The choice of the emergency number is an integral part of the emergency mode, after which users can still decide whether they want to have further steps run automatically. In this way, private contacts can be notified in an emergency and kept up to date on the current position.

Users can also choose to automatically record a video of up to 45 minutes when the emergency mode is activated. Recording with sound will run for up to 45 minutes, then it will stop automatically. Users can also stop the video manually beforehand.

The video is automatically saved in the Google account as well as in the personal safety app of the user. Compression should be used that does not impair the quality too much. One minute of the video should correspond to 10 Mbytes of storage space – a 45-minute video would therefore have 450 Mbytes.

Video must be uploaded using an internet connection

The video can – if desired – also be sent to the emergency contacts. Only the link is sent, not the file itself. Users need an internet connection to upload the video to Google, which could be difficult in remote areas.