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Full self driving update stopped due to last minute concerns

Tesla wanted to deliver an update for its full self-driving function, but because of major concerns, it didn’t work out at first.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the next version of Tesla’s software for the full self-driving system with extended self-driving functions was not being delivered because of “last minute concerns”.

The Full Self-Driving Beta 10.2 should be released in a few days, according to Musk. Musk did not state exactly what the concerns were. Initially, the software is only to be released to 1,000 drivers who have the highest safety rating.

According to an earlier report, Tesla wants to evaluate how drivers behave for its own US insurance company and analyze certain parameters for this. The duration of a single trip is recorded as well as how the autopilot was activated and how often the system switched itself off because warnings were repeatedly not followed. Other recorded safety-relevant parameters were how often the anti-lock braking system (ABS) was activated and how often rear-end collisions were warned, as well as how long the Tesla had been driving too close behind another vehicle. Of course, the speed also played a role and how much you accelerated and braked.

Gradually, the software should then also go to drivers with lower ratings.

Full self-driving is a paid option for the Teslas that is equipped with more automated driving functions. It is still in beta. Teslas are not yet driving completely autonomously. It is still a level 2 driver assistance system that requires the driver to be attentive, keep their hands on the steering wheel and be able to take control at any time.

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