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Facebook names network errors as the reason for failure

Facebook itself is responsible for the failure of all Facebook services for several hours. Internal tools were also affected. Facebook has announced the reason for the hours of failure of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram via an English blog posting. Accordingly, there was a change to the network configuration for all Facebook services, which was incorrect. The change affected the backbone routers, which are responsible for the network traffic between the data centers. This interrupted access to all Facebook services.

According to Facebook, not only were the services unavailable to customers but internal tools and systems were also affected. According to the company, it took a lot of time to find the reason for the malfunction. According to the company, the failure of the backbone server led to a cascade effect.

During the hour-long Facebook outage, experts had already suspected that errors in the network configuration could be responsible for the malfunctions. That has now been confirmed. Cloudflare manager Dane Knecht suspected a BGP problem. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) connects the autonomous systems (AS) of the Internet with one another. If the routing tables no longer lead to Facebook, the Facebook DNS servers can no longer be reached.

User data should not have been affected

According to Facebook, no user data was affected by the failure. In the blog posting, Facebook apologizes to private individuals and companies for the inconvenience caused by the outage. All Facebook services should now work properly again.

Facebook now wants to do everything in its power to make its own infrastructure more resilient and thus prevent such a failure from happening again. The company did not provide any further details.

The complete failure of the Facebook services began at around 5:30 p.m. on October 4, 2022. It was only around midnight, and thus after more than six hours, that the services were available again to a limited extent. In addition to the social network, the messenger services Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger as well as the Instagram platform and the Oculus VR system were also affected.

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