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Elon Musk speaks out against Tesla Model 2 as a name

The Tesla Model 2 will not come, Elon Musk announced again at a shareholders’ meeting. The head of the company doesn’t like the name.

Tesla also wants to offer an electric car below the Model 3. This will not be called Model 2, Tesla boss Elon Musk told shareholders. That doesn’t mean plans to sell an electric car for under $ 25,000 are off the table. It just won’t be called as expected. Musk never announced the Model 2 name.

When asked by a shareholder whether there was any news about Model 2, Musk said, “Yes, Model 2 is not a car. There is no Model 2.”

Musk justifies the rejection of the Model 2 with the previous naming of the vehicles, whose letters should actually result in the word SEXY. However, because Ford owns trademark rights to a Model E, the letter was optically reversed to a 3.

Tesla now has a Model S, 3, X and Y. According to Tesla, a Model 2 does not fit into this nomenclature. What the vehicle should be called instead and when it will come on the market is still unknown.

The compact electric vehicle is to be developed for completely autonomous driving and therefore has neither a steering wheel nor pedals. It is conceivable that, in addition to the autonomous one, a second vehicle with classic human operation will be built. It would come as no surprise if this hit the market first and the steering wheel and pedal-less model at a later date.

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