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40 Best diptyque Black Friday Deals in 2022 [Discounts Upto 15%]

The Black Friday 2022 is not very far and if you’re planning to get a diptyque and if you’re not in a hurry, it’s totally worth waiting. Based on my research, you’d end up saving anywhere around 15 on all your purchases. So why pay extra when you can save huge by waiting for 1 month.

Back in time, the main problem was to find a Black Friday deal or one had to get into crowded marketplaces, but things have changed now and with eCommerce websites like Amazon booming, there are many live deals going on.

However, that’s not a problem, the main problem is — finding the right deal and not falling for the fake price discount trap (sellers increase the listing price during the sale just to make a customer feel that they’re getting huge discounts.)

1. Diptyque Baies Scented Candle -Candles

by Diptyque
  • Candle is hand-made and has a Burning time of 60 hours
  • Combines the scent of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose
  • Helps elevate the mood and set the scene
  • Custom-blended wax formulas complements the candle’s scent
  • Has a fruity, floral fragrance

2. Diptyque Scented Candle – Baies (Barries) 300g/10.2oz -Home & Kitchen

by Diptyque
  • Quantity: 1
  • Diptyque Baies Noire Black Frutti di Bosco 300g Candle
  • Diptych

3. Diptyque Mimosa Scented Candle 190g -Candles

by Diptyque
  • Diptyque Mimoa cented Candle 190g

4. Diptyque Figuier Tree Candle, 190 g, Fig Scent -Candles

by Diptyque
  • Diptyque Fig Tree Candle, 190G
  • Diptyque
  • Quantity: 1

5. Diptyque Coloured Candle Feu De Bois “Gris” / “Grey” Wood Fire 300g -Candles

by Diptyque
  • Diptyque “/” Grey Coloured “Feu de Bois Gris Candle 300 g firewood
  • Quantity: 1
  • Diptyque

6. Diptyque Figuier Verte (Fig Green) Large Candle, 300g -Candles

by Diptyque
  • Scented Candle – Figuier (Fig Tree) – 300g/10.2oz

7. Diptyque Candle Tubéreuse / Tuberose 70g -Candles

by Diptyque
  • Tuberose Diptych Candle 70g
  • Quantity: 1

10. Diptyque Scented Candle – Tubereuse (Tuberose) 300g/10.2oz -Home & Kitchen

by Diptyque
  • Warms your home with a soft cloth, sensual
  • A lavish, various sizes, gently Candle

11. Diptyque Ambre Scented Candle, 190g -Home & Garden

by Diptyque
  • Diptyque Ambre Scented Candle 190g
  • Ambre Scented Candle 190g

12. Diptyque Dip Philosykos Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml -Beauty

by Diptyque
  • Dip Philosykos Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml

13. Diptyque Eau Des Sens Edt Spray 50 ml – 50 ml. -Beauty

by Diptyque
  • Brand: Diptyque
  • High-quality product, made in Spain.
  • Perfumes and fragrances toilet water for men

14. Diptyque Scented Candle – Tubereuse (Tuberose) 190g/6.5oz -Home & Garden

by Diptyque
  • Approximate Burn Time: 50-60 Hours
  • Wax Type: Proprietary Soy Blend
  • Dimensions: 3.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide
  • Wick Type: Lead-free cotton
  • Net Weight: 6.5 oz

15. Diptyque Dip Vetyverio Eau De Toilette Spray 50 ml Pack of 1 x 50 ml -Beauty

by Diptyque
  • Products by dyptique
  • Beauty products
  • Men’s – Perfumes – Eau de Toilette

16. Diptyque Scented Candle – Ambre (Amber) 70g/2.4oz -Home & Garden

by Diptyque
  • A luxurious, delicately scented candle
  • Fills your home with a soft, comforting scent

17. Diptyque Scented Candle – Figuier (Fig Tree) 190g/6.5oz -Home & Kitchen

by Diptyque
  • Hand-poured
  • Average of 50-60 hours burn time
  • Made in France
  • Made of paraffin wax

18. Diptyque Philosykos dip, women’s eau de toilette spray, 50 ml, 1 pack (1 x 50 ml) -Beauty

by Diptyque
  • Men’s – Perfumes – Eau de Toilette
  • Products by dyptique
  • Beauty products

19. Diptyque Scented Candle – Feuille De Lavande (Lavender Leaf) 70g/2.4oz -Home & Garden

by Diptyque
  • A luxurious, delicately scented candle
  • Fills your home with a soft, comforting scent

20. Diptyque Candle Feuille De Lavande / Lavender Leaf 190g -Home & Garden

by Diptyque
  • Quantity: 1
  • Diptyque
  • Candle Diptyque Feuille de Lavande leaf/Lavender 190 g

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21. Do Son by Diptyque Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml -Beauty

by Diptyque
  • top notes which include orange flower, rose and iris

22. Diptyque Fleur Majeste Floral Majesty Scented Candle Limited Edition 2.4 oz Travel Size -Eau de Toilette

by Diptyque
  • Notes: Roses, spices, cinnamon.
  • What it is: A limited-edition bold floral scent, in an elegant lidded vessel.
  • 2.4 oz TRAVE SIZE
  • Style: Warm, spicy.
  • Fragrance story: A bouquet of rare roses warmed with spices and fiery cinnamon, Floral Majesty is a promise of radiant energy.

23. Scented Candle – Feu De Bois (Wood Fire) for Women 190g/6.5oz -Eau de Toilette

by Diptyque
  • Scented Candle – Feu De Bois (Wood Fire) – 190g/6.5oz

24. CANDLE SCENTED BAIES 70G -Home & Kitchen

by Diptyque
  • Please always read the labels, warnings and instructions provided before using or consuming the product.
  • We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented on our list
  • Product packaging may vary from what is shown on this product
  • Please note that unless otherwise stated, Cooking Marvellous is not the manufacturer of this product

25. Large 4 Wick Luxury Myrrh & Tonka Scented Candle Edward George London 700g -Eau de Toilette

by Edward George
  • Burn Time: 140 Hours
  • Size: 12 x 12 cm
  • A well balanced oriental with a velvety amber base
  • Our handmade yet sturdy gift box comes with a protective packaging sleeve to ensure conservation
  • Editors Note – Our Myrrh & Tonka luxury scented candle is like being part of a sensual enveloping hug, this is where this fragrances takes you
  • Transform your home with confidence.
  • A warm powdery indulgence with the earthy, smokey tonka bean with a slight hint of lavender and almond
  • Wax Weight: 700g
  • Our Candles are made with the intention for a special occasion
  • Our Candles are hand poured in London using 100% vegan based wax, pure cotton wicks and are highly measured with select perfume

26. Skandinavisk SKOG ‘Forest’ Scented Candle. Fragrance Notes: Pine Needles and Fir Cones, Birch Sap and Lily of the Valley. 200 g. -Eau de Toilette

by Skandinavisk
  • Diameter: 7.9 cm
  • Reuse glass votive for storage, decoration or tealights.
  • A perfume and Swedish rapeseed wax blend in painted glass votive with a pure cotton wick and engraved, FSC-certified beechwood lid.
  • 50 hours / 200 g
  • Scent notes: Pine needles and fir cones, birch sap and lily of the valley
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • A scent designed to complement a room, not overpower it.
  • Boreal forests cover over half of Scandinavia, stretching from the southernmost county of Sweden to the Arctic Circle
  • sustainably farmed and non-GMO Swedish rapeseed wax blend
  • Dimensions: Height: 9.9 cm
  • FSC-certified packaging.
  • Certified B Corporation since 2019, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact
  • SKOG Swedish for ‘forest’

27. NEOM- Feel Refreshed Scented Candle, 3 Wick -Eau de Toilette

by Unknown
  • Complex blend of pure, natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance
  • Contains pure essential oils
  • No artificial ingredients
  • 50 hours burning time
  • Stimulating and zesty citrus blend to energise body

28. NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam, 200ml -Eau de Toilette

by Neom
  • All expertly blended to help you relax and prepare for sleep.
  • NEOM ORGANICS LONDON RANGE – All Neom skin products have three benefits: two for your skin and one for your mind
  • SCENT TO SLEEP RANGE – The scent to help you have a good night’s rest
  • Let a feeling of calm wash over you, while your skin is softened with marshmallow & coconut oil, and soothed by aloe & sweet almond oil.
  • YOUR OWN PRE-SLEEP HAVEN – Pour a capful of foam into running water before getting in and soaking for at least 10 minutes
  • 88% Had a better night’s sleep on the Neom Sleep Programme.
  • After all, you can’t look good if you don’t feel good.
  • Breathe in and out
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL – 100% Natural Fragrances for the Mind & Body.
  • RICH IN ESSENTIAL OILS – Our Neom Tranquillity fragrance is a complex blend of 19 of the purest possible essential oils including English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine

29. Neom Organics London – Moments of Sparkling Energy | Including Energy Burst Eau De Parfum and Nourish, Breathe & Energise Hand Balm, Perfect Luxury Gift -Sets & Kits

by Unknown
  • LUXURY GIFT – The perfect gift for a loved one; ideal birthday present, or just to show you care
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – Moments of Sparkling Energy contains our delicious smelling Energy Burst Eau De Parfum (50ml) and Nourish, Breathe & Energise Hand Balm (50ml).
  • Indulge friends or family or indeed yourself with the Moments of Sparkling Energy gift set.
  • The Neom Scent To Boost Your Energy range has been specially formulated with natural fragrance which not only smells wonderful but also has an energising effect on the mind and body.
  • Spray the grapefruit, lemon & rosemary natural wellbeing fragrance all over the whole body, massage the hand balm into the skin – deeply inhale to liven up your day.
  • HOW TO USE – Use morning or evening, whenever you need a quick burst of energy
  • 100% NATURAL FRAGRANCES – A complex blend of up to 21 of the purest possible essential oils including grapefruit, lemon & rosemary, all chosen to help refresh and energise.
  • ENERGY BOOST – Sometimes we need a little extra help to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind

30. NEOM- Happiness Luxury Scented Candle, 3 Wick- Up to 50 Hours Burn Time -Sets & Kits

by Unknown
  • Complex blend of pure, natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance
  • 50 hours burning time
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Light and sparkling blend to boost positivity
  • Contains pure essential oils

31. Diptyque – Scented Candle – Amber (Amber) 300g/10.2oz -Sets & Kits

by Diptyque
  • Scented Candle – Ambre (Amber) – 300g/10.2oz

32. Diptyque Candle 35 ml -Sets & Kits

by Diptyque
  • Scented candle 35 grams
  • Household consumables gels & blocks
  • Cosmetics Unisex

33. La Jolíe Muse Eucalyptus & Fig Scented Candle, Natural Candle for Home, 65-75 Hours Long Burning, Oval Glass Jar, 350g -Home & Kitchen

by La Jolíe Muse
  • Blissful Indulgence – Fragrance diffuses shortly to offer almost an instant indulgence for mind calming.
  • 100% Satisfaction – 24/7 customer service and full refund & return guaranteed if any problem upon receiving the product
  • Can sustain for 65-75 hours of burn time, bringing you a long lasting sensory journey with the lead-free cotton wick and natural wax that is vegan, cruelty and paraben-free and eco-conscious
  • Simplistic Packaging – This alluring candle lays in the delicate blue-tinted glass paired with the detachable lid, and packed in a gift box featuring floral sketch to add a dash of elegance.
  • Extraordinary Burn Time – 12.3Oz/350g
  • Infuse Tranquil Serenity – Our Eucalyptus & Fig candle opens with note of eucalyptus and ivy, and enriched by the mild hints of fig, violet and jasmine and finishes with the refreshing cedarwood, tonka bean and amber, serving as a great companion to your daily relaxation, mediation and aromatherapy.

34. William Alexander, One & Only Fragrance Creed Aventus, 100ml Reed Diffuser, Long-Lasting Scent, Handmade in the UK, Environmentally Friendly, Room Fragrance, Scented Oils, Home Fragrance Products -Home & Kitchen

by William Alexander London
  • Superb Worldly Scent – Based on the worlds best seling eau de parfum Creed Aventus
  • This essential oil diffuser room freshener makes an attractive gift to be enjoyed in any home
  • As a brand we pride ourselves on the quality of the fragrance within our diffusers for home
  • This fragrance has been carefully made with an environmentally friendly base and has a strong sillage so it leaves a wonderful enduring trail around the room
  • Long-lasting Scent – Guaranteed 2 month use
  • Luxury Reed Diffuser Set – Treat your home to the beautiful slow release fragrance from this high-quality aroma set
  • The chic square glass bottle looks classy and stylish in any room with 8 reeds to diffuse the gorgeous blend of scents throughout the room.
  • For The Home Or Office – Ideal for use in any room in the house or in the office
  • Perfect bathroom diffuser or bathroom fresheners
  • Handmade In The UK – Our diffusers are handmade in Leicestershire reducing airmiles being good to the environment stocked by Amazon delivered in an environmentally friendly way.
  • One & Only features blackcurrant from sunny Corsica, bergamot from Italy, Calville Blanc apples from France, and Louisiana birch.

35. NEOM – Hand Sanitiser Spray (30ml), Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Moisturising, Clean & De-Stress Fragrance -Sets & Kits

by Neom
  • Boost hydration and soften & protect skin at the same time as sanitising.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – This NEOM Clean & De-Stress Hand Sanitiser Spray (30ml) contains 61% alcohol, natural ingredients to boost hydration and added natural prebiotic which restores good bacteria
  • LUXURY SANITISER – The perfect size to pop in your bag for when you’re out and about, the NEOM non-drying Clean & De-Stress Hand Sanitiser Spray is 61% alcohol to kill 99.9% of bacteria
  • Repeat as often as you like.
  • 100% NATURAL FRAGRANCES – A complex blend of 24 of the purest possible essential oils including lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine all expertly blended to help you relax and unwind.
  • FEELING OF CALM – Taking time to create calm is something we’re passionate about
  • The NEOM Scent to De-Stress Range has been specially formulated with natural fragrance which not only smells wonderful but also helps to bring a feeling of calm.
  • HOW TO USE – Spray a small amount on to dry hands, rub all over the fingers, palms and backs of hands
  • It moisturisers, protects and leaves hands clean and beautifully scented.

36. La Montaña Three Kings | Large Luxury Scented Candles Inspired by Spain | Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Pine Needles, Turrón (Almond Nougat) & Brandy -Home & Kitchen

by La Montaña
  • ️ THE LA MONTAÑA PROMISE – We’re a family-run UK business and want you to enjoy our Three Kings scented candle absolutely risk-free
  • ️ PREMIUM REFINED MINERAL WAX – We hand-pour our candles for women and men using the finest quality (German) mineral wax, which is non-toxic, sulphur-free & paraben-free
  • It’s cold (even in Spain), so the promise of a brightening tot of brandy is the perfect winter treat!
  • No questions asked.
  • All our candles come in frosted glass jars & a gold foiled gift box, cellophane-wrapped & fitted with etched stainless steel lids
  • Wandering through woods with the gorgeous fragrance of trampled pine needles – nothing more Christmassy
  • The perfect gift for you, or someone you love.
  • ️ BEAUTIFUL TRAVEL POSTER STYLE LABEL – Our candles not only smell wonderful but also look great on the mantelpiece – each candle bears its own unique label in the style of a nostalgic 1930’s travel poster
  • Not satisfied? Just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to offer you a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
  • ️ SCENTED CANDLES INSPIRED BY SPAIN – Our big long-burning candles are inspired by our Spanish mountain home, but handmade by artisan candlemakers in the UK
  • We use mineral wax, universally acknowledged to give the best fragrance ‘throw’, and burns for a minimum of 40 hours, allowing you to relax & dream of calm holidays from the comfort of your home.
  • Once at the village, church doors are flung wide, the air suffused with incense, whilst nearby traditional turrón is sold from stalls
  • Our mineral wax is an ‘upcycled’ material and packs 10-12% fragrance oil in each candle (including a high percentage of natural and essential oils) – more than market standard, even in luxury brands!
  • ️ A ROYALTY-WORTHY SCENT SENT FROM HEAVEN – We love the walk to our village during the Three Kings holiday

37. Jasmine Scented Candle Gift Natural Soy Wax, 50-65 Hours Burn Fine Home Fragrance, Glass Jar Candles Gift for Her -Candles

by La Jolíe Muse
  • Paraben and cruelty free!
  • An ideal gift for your family or friends on Mother’s Day, Christmas.
  • Long-lasting burning of 50-65 hours guaranteed to bring you maximized relaxation.
  • LUXURY GIFT: This candle is made from high quality white-tinted heavy glass packaged in an exclusive signature box with cream, black and gold detailing
  • SOY WAX: Made using lead-free cotton wicks and premium, soft, highly-refined perfume-grade fragrance oils and soy wax to bring you a eco-conscious and eco-friendly product that will give you a clean burn and long-lasting hours of aromatic bliss
  • SIZE & BURN TIME: 9.9oz/280g
  • JASMINE BLOSSOM AROMA: Jasmine essential oils are touted as a natural remedy for stress that are sure to fill your home with a strong heady, long-lasting scent helping you unwind at the end of the day.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: We provide full refunds and returns if there are any problems after receiving the product.

38. NEOM- Complete Bliss Scented Candle, Travel Size -Candles

by Unknown
  • Contains pure essential oils
  • 20 hours burning time
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Complex blend of pure, natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance
  • Free from petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax

39. NEOM- Real Luxury Scented Candle, 3 Wick -Candles

by Unknown
  • 100% Natural Fragrances for the Mind & Body
  • Hand poured using 100% natural vegetable wax
  • Up to 50 hours burn time

40. Neom- Happiness Scented Candle, Travel Size -Candles

by Unknown
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Contains pure essential oils
  • Complex blend of pure, natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance
  • Light and sparkling blend to boost positivity
  • 20 hours burning time

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Besides listing down all the deals, I’ve also have tried to include the deals from Diptyque, Diptyque, Diptyque, Diptyque that way, you’ll be able to get the diptyque from your preferred brand.

How to Get the Best diptyque deal during this Black Friday?

1. Don’t fall for the seller-price trap

Many sellers know that Black Friday gets a boost in sales, that’s why they increase the listing price of the product and then offer a discount on it. For instance, if a diptyque costs 56, then they’d increase the listing price and offer a discount on it. This act of theirs will make us (customers) feel that they’re offering a discount, but in reality, there’s not much we’re getting.

2. Buy from Reputed eCommerce Platforms (i.e. Amazon)

If you’ve checked the above listings, I’ve only included the current diptyque Black Friday deals going on Amazon. It’s because I trust them. On the other hand, a lot of fake sellers launch dropshipping stores, sell fake products, and run away without delivering the product. That’s why I always recommend using a reputed platform.

3. Check Historical Prices

Like said above, the “seller-price” trap is quite high during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. What you can do is, install some historical price tracking Chrome extensions and be sure that the price at which they’re selling you the diptyque is lower or equal to the historical prices.

4. Buy what you need, don’t buy just because it’s cheaper

One thing I’ve realized after being an avid online shopper is, deals make you buy things you don’t need. I ended up buying $7,700 worth items last year during Black Friday and I’m hardly using the products worth $1,400. So if you look at the complete picture, I could’ve made $6,300 in assets like stocks, bonds, and would’ve gotten around 16-21% appreciation in the value.


Where can I get the best Black Friday deal on diptyque in 2022?

I’ve listed out around 40 deals available on Amazon. The reason why I recommend Amazon to everyone is because I find it trustworthy and reliable.

Can I get the same deal after Black Friday?

The deals are subject to sellers and their pricing. If the diptyque they’re selling gets a newer variant, then the deal price may become permanent even after Black Friday.

How do I check if the seller hasn’t increased the price during the Black Friday week?

Well, there are many Chrome extensions and websites that allow you to track the historical prices of the products on Amazon. You can use such websites to find out if the seller has manipulated or increased the prices during the sale period.

How much would a diptyque cost during Black Friday?

This is a question a lot of people have before making purchases in months of October and November (first week), I believe that the avg price if a diptyque is around 56 and the current discounts on Black Friday is around 22%, so depending on the seller you can get similar discounts.


I’ve tried my best to put in the best diptyque deals during this Black Friday, I hope you like my recommendations. I’ll keep updating this page and you’ll find similar deals in the coming Black Friday 2022, so just bookmark it or save the link.

Have you found the right diptyque for your needs? Here are a few other guides you might be interested in reading:

In case you’ve still not found the right deal or are looking for any other advice, then feel free to use the comment form below and get in touch. I or team members at Black Friday Zen – UK would love to assist you.