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BMW is satisfied with a range of 600 kilometers

The range is important for BMW, but not the most important. The developers do not envisage a record hunt for more and more kilometers.

The luxury sedan EQS from Mercedes already has a distance of 600 kilometers, according to WLTP measurements it is as much as 780 kilometers. The record holder on paper is the Nio ET7 with a planned but not yet realized 1,000 kilometers. The question of the range is still an absolute priority for electric cars. But not for BMW.

told Whichcar BMW i4 boss David Ferrufinothat the Bavarians end up at around 600 kilometers. There will be no BMW with a range of 1,000 kilometers without a charging stop.

For BMW it is clear that not only the battery technology is developing, but also the charging technology and infrastructure. This already ensures a “pleasant experience”, says Ferrufino – and this should improve even further in the future. It is currently already possible to cover distances of 1,000 kilometers with short breaks of half an hour. And the more the charging station network is expanded, the less important is what the car can handle in one go.

Range by segment, but not more than 600 kilometers

At BMW, the range will therefore be more based on the respective segment in the future. An i3 with a range of 600 kilometers is therefore not to be expected, but with a motorhome like the iX or i4 you can expect it, the project manager explains. But it won’t be much more.

Meanwhile, Mercedes, Volvo and Audi are going different ways and continue to race for the range crown. Daimler is currently in first place with the EQS and, according to the WLTP test cycle, is scratching the 800-kilometer mark. Only Tesla with the largest Cybertruck (Tri Motor AWD), Lucid with its Air in the Dream Edition or Nio with the ET7 will compete with this record – if the cars do what is promised before they are delivered.

Addendum from September 27, 2022, 11:37 a.m.

A few days after the report, Which carits a completely revised article and another one was submitted. First, the magazine apparently did not speak to David Ferrufino, but BMW spokesman Wieland BrĂșch, and second, BMW has no plans to limit the range to 600 kilometers. BMW told Whichcar, of course, that the company does not want to stop continuously developing the range of electric vehicles.

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