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Blue Origin employees criticize the company

Anonymous employees raise serious allegations against the space company of the Amazon founder. It is a coincidence that nothing has happened yet.

Over 20 former and current employees of the US space company Blue Origin complain in an open letter against the company culture and management. The letter is signed by Alexandra Abrams, the former head of internal communications at Blue Origin.

According to the letter, sexism is ignored, climate protection is ignored and safety concerns are not taken seriously. One engineer writes: “Blue Origin can be happy that nothing has happened so far.” It goes on to say that if the company culture and the work environment are exemplary for Bezos’ vision of the future, one is developing in a direction that reflects the worst in the world and must bring about changes quickly.

The trigger for the letter seems to have been the space flight of Bezos, which was celebrated heroically in a cowboy hat at the end of July after a short stay at an altitude of 100 kilometers. As early as the end of August, reports came to light that executives were running away in droves. Obviously, as it is stated in the letter, the race with Elon Musk and Richard Branson, which Jeff Bezos had a few days ahead of, was at times the most important topic. The associated enormous pace of work also caused safety to suffer.

Build me a rocket baby girl

The open letter underpins the serious allegations in places with specific examples. The sexism in the company is particularly bad, as numerous complaints against individual male employees are not addressed. Female employees would have to put up with condescending nicknames like Baby Girl , Baby Doll or Sweetheart . Also, in discussions, the opinion of male employees is worth more than that of their female colleagues.

Concerns about poor sustainability were also ignored, and the workload was at the limit for many employees. Stories that you also know from Bezos’ other companies. It was, so the tenor of the letter, always about Jeff Bezos, come what may.

The letter closes with the request to Blue Origin and its founder Jeff Bezos to finally rethink and respond to the grievances. Currently Blue Origin and the full-bodied promises on the company website are “just an illusion” .

At the end of the letter you can read the reaction from Blue Origin. The company writes why Alexandra Abrams had to leave the company and asserts that the New Shepard space shuttle is the safest launcher that has ever been designed and built. In addition, so the answer, everything is done at Blue Origin to investigate cases of misconduct by employees, for which there is even a round-the-clock hotline, as quickly as possible.

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