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Autonomous vehicles must be emission-free from 2030

California will allow autonomous vehicles only if they do not emit any emissions. This is intended to reduce traffic emissions.

all autonomous light vehicles in California to be emission-free from 2030 A new law provides for. With this, the US state wants to establish a measure to limit the sale of combustion vehicles. As early as 2020, and implementing ordinance came into force that bans the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles until 2035. From 2045, newly sold trucks will no longer be allowed to emit emissions.

The US company Cruise, which develops autonomous vehicles, is satisfied with the regulation and has relied on fully electric Chevrolet Bolt vehicles from the start. Cruise is also a member of the lobby group Emission Zero Coalition, which campaigned for the law.

Cruise is one of five companies licensed to test driverless cars in California. The first to get approval was Waymo. The others are AutoX from China and the US companies Nuro and Zoox. There are also 60 other companies that are allowed to drive automatically, but only with one person at the steering wheel. Cruise has been part of the since 2016 US automotive group General Motors.

Currently, however, such vehicles are only on the road in homeopathic amounts compared to the roughly 15 million registered cars in California. With the regulation, the US state wants to prevent autonomous vehicles from becoming polluters in the future, especially if driverless taxi services should become established for commuters.

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