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7 Best audible Black Friday Deals in 2022 [Discounts Upto 22%]

The Black Friday 2022 is not very far and if you’re planning to get a audible and if you’re not in a hurry, it’s totally worth waiting. Based on my research, you’d end up saving anywhere around 22 on all your purchases. So why pay extra when you can save huge by waiting for 1 month.

Back in time, the main problem was to find a Black Friday deal or one had to get into crowded marketplaces, but things have changed now and with eCommerce websites like Amazon booming, there are many live deals going on.

However, that’s not a problem, the main problem is — finding the right deal and not falling for the fake price discount trap (sellers increase the listing price during the sale just to make a customer feel that they’re getting huge discounts.)

1. Origin: From the author of the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon Book 5) -Kindle Store

  • Arrives at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend the unveiling of an astonishing scientific breakthrough
  • The evening’s host is billionaire Edmond Kirsch
  • A futurist whose dazzling hightech inventions and audacious predictions have made him a controversial figure around the world
  • But Langdon and several hundred guests are left reeling when the meticulously orchestrated evening is suddenly blown apart
  • Together they flee to Barcelona on a perilous quest to locate a cryptic password that will unlock Kirsch’s secret

2. AUDIBLE FIDELITY Complete Hi-Fi DAB/DAB+ Stereo System CD Player With Speakers, Wireless Charging & USB Charging, Bluetooth, MP3 Playback, FM & Digital Radio with Remote Control -Contemporary Fiction

by Audible Fidelity
  • ️ DAB/DAB+ AND FM RADIO: The fully featured Digital and FM Radio allows you to scan easily through a wide variety of stations with auto-scan mode
  • The top of your Hi-Fi system houses a built-in wireless charging unit – simply place your wireless charging compatible smartphone on the wireless charger area and enjoy immediate charging with no wires
  • Cast music directly from smartphone or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth or connect via the 3.5mm auxiliary input for a wired alternative
  • This compact music system is everything you need to play your favourite music
  • ️ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Audible Fidelity are UK based audio specialists with years of experience building high quality audio products
  • Store up to 20 pre-set stations (10 DAB and 10 FM) to tune in to your favourites in no time
  • Enjoy the quality sound of your CD collection or play MP3 tracks from USB device
  • ️ WIRELESS AND USB CHARGING: Charge your smart devices with the built-in 1A USB outlet directly from the Stereo System
  • ️ CD PLAYER, MP3 PLAYBACK, BLUETOOTH, AUX: Audible Fidelity merges traditional and modern technology in one music station
  • ️ DUAL ALARM CLOCK, SLEEP TIMER: Wake up to your favourite music whether it’s Radio, CD, USB or a buzzer
  • When you are heading off to sleep set your Compact HiFi System to switch off automatically with sleep timer
  • The Compact HiFi Stereo System comes with a remote control, user-friendly guide, 30-day money back guarantee, 1-year warranty, and full-time local customer support

3. Audible: audiobooks, podcasts & audio stories -Apps & Games

by Audible, Inc.
  • Get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial
  • Browse a library of over 425,000 audiobooks and podcasts
  • Download audiobooks to your device and listen on the go
  • Switch between reading and listening with Whispersync for Voice (compatible Kindle device required)

4. a for Amazon – eGift Voucher -Family

by Amazon EU S.à.r.l.
  • Gift Cards can only be redeemed on
  • eGift Voucher that can be emailed to an email address of your choice
  • Available in multiple designs
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  • Choose any denomination up to £1,000.
  • To redeem on other Amazon websites, you can purchase gift cards on the respective sites.
  • Redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at

5. Gift Card for Any Amount in a Red Reveal -Gift Cards

by Amazon EU S.à.r.l.
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6. BorrowBox Library -Apps & Games

by Bolinda digital
  • Offline reading and listening
  • Automatic deletion of expired loans, no overdue fees
  • Browse, borrow and read or listen to your library’s eBooks and eAudiobooks anywhere, everywhere
  • Easily browse titles by age category, genre, release dates or specially curated lists

7. Christmas Penguin Decorations – Printable Gift Voucher -Political

by Amazon EU S.à.r.l.
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  • Gift Voucher that is sent as a PDF file to the purchaser via e-mail

Besides listing down all the deals, I’ve also have tried to include the deals from Audible Fidelity, Amazon EU S.à.r.l., Amazon EU S.à.r.l., Amazon EU S.à.r.l. that way, you’ll be able to get the audible from your preferred brand.

How to Get the Best audible deal during this Black Friday?

1. Don’t fall for the seller-price trap

Many sellers know that Black Friday gets a boost in sales, that’s why they increase the listing price of the product and then offer a discount on it. For instance, if a audible costs 41, then they’d increase the listing price and offer a discount on it. This act of theirs will make us (customers) feel that they’re offering a discount, but in reality, there’s not much we’re getting.

2. Buy from Reputed eCommerce Platforms (i.e. Amazon)

If you’ve checked the above listings, I’ve only included the current audible Black Friday deals going on Amazon. It’s because I trust them. On the other hand, a lot of fake sellers launch dropshipping stores, sell fake products, and run away without delivering the product. That’s why I always recommend using a reputed platform.

3. Check Historical Prices

Like said above, the “seller-price” trap is quite high during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. What you can do is, install some historical price tracking Chrome extensions and be sure that the price at which they’re selling you the audible is lower or equal to the historical prices.

4. Buy what you need, don’t buy just because it’s cheaper

One thing I’ve realized after being an avid online shopper is, deals make you buy things you don’t need. I ended up buying $7,700 worth items last year during Black Friday and I’m hardly using the products worth $1,400. So if you look at the complete picture, I could’ve made $6,300 in assets like stocks, bonds, and would’ve gotten around 16-21% appreciation in the value.


Where can I get the best Black Friday deal on audible in 2022?

I’ve listed out around 7 deals available on Amazon. The reason why I recommend Amazon to everyone is because I find it trustworthy and reliable.

Can I get the same deal after Black Friday?

The deals are subject to sellers and their pricing. If the audible they’re selling gets a newer variant, then the deal price may become permanent even after Black Friday.

How do I check if the seller hasn’t increased the price during the Black Friday week?

Well, there are many Chrome extensions and websites that allow you to track the historical prices of the products on Amazon. You can use such websites to find out if the seller has manipulated or increased the prices during the sale period.

How much would a audible cost during Black Friday?

This is a question a lot of people have before making purchases in months of October and November (first week), I believe that the avg price if a audible is around 41 and the current discounts on Black Friday is around 18%, so depending on the seller you can get similar discounts.


I’ve tried my best to put in the best audible deals during this Black Friday, I hope you like my recommendations. I’ll keep updating this page and you’ll find similar deals in the coming Black Friday 2022, so just bookmark it or save the link.

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In case you’ve still not found the right deal or are looking for any other advice, then feel free to use the comment form below and get in touch. I or team members at Black Friday Zen – UK would love to assist you.