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Astro is a rolling privacy and security risk

The first Amazon robot is a very strange product – and it arguably provides more problems than solutions.

Even when introducing Astro, it remains vague what the Amazon robot is actually supposed to be good for. Even the manufacturer struggles to outline the intended use when presenting Astro. There is talk of the robot increasing the security in your own four walls – exactly the opposite is the case.

Anyone who takes Astro home gives up a lot of privacy and also has an increased risk of being investigated by unauthorized persons. Because Astro is above all a rolling surveillance camera that can record everything within your own four walls.

And unlike conventional surveillance cameras, not only a certain area is observed – Astro can film every corner of the apartment. In an interview with Mashable , Matthew Guariglia takes a critical view of this. Guariglia is an analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and sees the danger that unauthorized persons could gain complete access to Astro.

What can Astro see and hear?

He asks himself: “What would he see, what would he hear, and what could be done with this information?” Astro intervenes in many areas of life and if such a device is digitally hijacked by unauthorized persons, it means an enormous loss of privacy.

In the past it has been revealed how Amazon’s own employees accessed the video data from ring cameras . Nobody wants to experience anything comparable with the astro data. Because then it could affect many more areas of life than is possible with a normal surveillance camera – because Astro moves and can look around the apartment.

But for Guariglia, a hacking attack or access by Amazon employees is not the worst fear. He also finds it worrying if law enforcement agencies were to gain access to the video data from the robot. Because Amazon works closely with investigating authorities in this regard. The police could virtually do a house search without ever having to enter the house.

Astro sees every corner of your own home.

With the Astro, Amazon does not even penetrate other areas of life, the type of data collection changes. Amazon has various surveillance cameras in its portfolio that send their data via Amazon servers. But a camera usually only monitors one room and usually only a certain area of ​​it.

With Astro there is a device in the household that can drive through all rooms and look around at will. It would be comparable to monitoring every corner of your home with cameras.

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