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Apple makes account termination mandatory in apps

From the beginning of 2022, Apple will stipulate that apps with a user account must make it possible to cancel this within the application. Apple has a start date for the presented at the last WWDC termination function in Apps announced. From January 31, 2022, developers must enable users of newly submitted applications in the App Store not only to set up user accounts but also to cancel them.

However, Apple only speaks of the fact that the termination of the user account can be initiated within the application. It is, therefore, possible that users are referred to a website in the following process.

Nevertheless, the developer specification represents great added value for users. Currently, apps that require a user account usually do not offer the option of terminating this via the app. Instead, users usually have to search for the cancellation options on the provider’s website.

Account corpses should be prevented

Often enough, users should simply delete apps that are no longer used with a user account without deleting the account as well. Even with free memberships, this can lead to advertising emails that users do not want, for example.

According to Apple, the new policy will apply to apps submitted on or after January 31, 2022. It is unclear to what extent the requirement also applies to updates of existing apps.

Apple has also officially confirmed the problem button recently discovered by users in the App Store. The message also explains why the button is not visible in Germany: The function is currently only available for users in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

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